Welcome to the official site of KILLING FLOOR - the classic British blues rock band formed in 1968. Last year the band was 50 years old, formed on February 14th 1968 by Mick Clarke and Bill Thorndycraft. The original four piece line-up of Bill Thorndycraft, Mick Clarke, Stuart McDonald and Bazz Smith are alive and kickin' and our thoughts go to those no longer with us - Lou Martin, Rod DeAth and Mick Hawksworth.

OUT NOW: Re-release of the 2012 Killing Floor album "Rock'n'Roll Gone Mad" including two previously unreleased tracks. The original four piece line-up from the formation of the band in 1968 -
Bill Thorndycraft, Mick Clarke, Stuart McDonald and Bazz Smith. Listen on Spotify or download from iTunes More info here

One of The 20 Greatest British Blues Albums: 1967 1970 Classic Rock Magazine "The Blues"

Click here for new "Out of Uranus" review from Classic Rock Magazine - "Killing Floor's FU attitude!"

New 4 track album by Mick and Bill - Clarke Thorndycraft - Blues Consultants - Released 15 February 2019 featuring Jumpin' Jack Flash
Full Info Here

Bill Thorndycraft's BT's Blues

Mick Clarke has recently released his new album
"Steppin' Out" Appearing at Sweden Rock Festival June 2018 with Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.

Stuart "Mac" McDonald is now working with the Herefordshire based Sultana Brothers

Bazz Smith has released his new album Kinshasa 2 Brixton

Tributes here to our friends
Mick Hawksworth, Lou Martin, Rod De'Ath and Ray Owen.

I've been a fan for most of my life. Rather than "gush" over the importance of Killing Floor for every kid who dreamed of owning a Marshall stack and an SG, I'll just say "keep on rockin."
- Bob "Mickey" Spillane, WNTI 91.9FM New Jersey, USA.